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Hire Equipment.


Equipment Daily Rate (Excl. GST) Weekly Rate – 5 days (Excl. GST)
Tripod $  75.00 $ 300.00
Rope Rescue Device (VED) $  75.00 $ 300.00
Gas Monitor $  95.00 $ 380.00
SCBA Unit $  90.00 $ 360.00
Stretcher $ 110.00 $ 440.00
Harness $  20.00 $  80.00



By hiring any equipment from Maxwell Training Pty Ltd (MT), you the hirer agree to the following terms and conditions of hire:

  1. You acknowledge that misuse of the equipment or operator error may result in an accident causing injury or death, and you warrant to MT that you and any other people using the equipment have been properly trained in its use and operation.
  2. You warrant that you and any other users of the equipment are medically fit and familiar with all applicable health and safety procedures and protocols for the area of the use of the equipment.
  3. You acknowledge MT relies on the above warranties in permitting your hire of the equipment.
  4. Unless you are an approved account-holder with MT, you agree to provide valid and current credit card details to MT upon hire of the equipment for security purposes and for payment for your hire of the equipment at the above rates. You authorise MT to process such payment on expiry of the hire period or upon return of the equipment, whichever is sooner, and your credit card details will be securely destroyed by MT after return of the equipment and once payment is processed successfully.
  5. For any equipment being hired for longer than one (1) month, MT will issue monthly invoices calculated at the above rates, which you must pay in accordance with MT’s payment terms as detailed in such invoices.
  6. All equipment must be returned to MT by 5.00pm on final day of hire in the condition of which it was originally hired.
  7. If the equipment is lost or returned damaged or misplaced in any way, whether in part or in whole, or in an unreasonably soiled state, you shall be liable to MT for the full cost of replacement or rectification of the equipment and you authorise MT to deduct payment for such costs from your credit card.
  8. You hereby release and indemnify MT from and against any cause of action, claim, suit or proceedings for any loss, damage, injury or death arising out of your or any other person’s use including misuse of the equipment.