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Non-Accredited Courses.

*MDG25 Awareness Training


Statement of Attendance - MDG25 Awareness Training
This course has been approved by Glencore and Bulga Coal.

Confined Space Refresher


This course is for those who hold current Confined Space competencies and require their competencies to be refreshed.

This Confined Space Refresher training course is designed to refresh students in competencies previously taught over the 2 & 3 day confined space training program into 1 day. 

It is an industry requirement that Confined Space is refreshed every 2 - 3 years dependant on the company/site policy and procedure.

Students will only receive recognition for the units of competency they have been previously awarded.

You must call our office to make bookings.


Manual Handling


Statement of Attendance - Perform Manual Handling Tasks
(This is not a Nationally Recognised Course)

Pole Top Rescue


Statement of Attendance - Perform pole top rescue 
(This is not a Nationally Recognised Course)